FORMER Celtic midfielder Derk Boerrigter has officially retired from football after failing to find a club since leaving Celtic.

The player who was known as ‘sick note’ at Ajax lived up to his name as he spent most of his time with Celtic on the treatment table.

Last year he accused the club of mishandling his injury’s and partially blamed the physios for not catching problems.

Speaking about his retirement Derk seemed less than humble.

He said: “I hoped that I could still find an attractive club and carry on playing football. “Some clubs did come in for me, but none of them were worth bothering about. “They did not offer me a sporting challenge, or tempt me financially.

People often think: ‘That Boerrigter is injury-prone.’ But I have never had a serious muscle injury or a torn hamstring.

Derk only managed 8 starts in his Celtic career before being paid off a couple of years back.

We wish him all the best in retirement.





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