Not many will remember him from his time at Celtic as he only ever made six appearances for the bhoys. However, it appears that former Celtic goalkeeper Logan Bailey has turned down a mega bucks offer to play in Saudi Arabia to stay in Belgium and play with an Ammeter side instead.

It has been confirmed the player, who left Celtic in 2017 has linked up with Union Namur Fosses-La-Ville; a club currently plying their trade in the Belgian third division.

Logan was signed by Ronny Deila as a backup for Craig Gordon but he never really got a look in and was more famous for his off the field exploits.

The chairman of Union Namur Fosses-La-Ville confirmed Logan had a big money offer speaking to SunSport.

“He had the opportunity to play abroad in Saudi Arabia where he would have got more in a month’s salary than he would have got in six months with other clubs in Belgium.

“But he wants to give priority to his family and his kids and we are absolutely thrilled and surprised someone of his experience has chosen to play for us.”

That’s fair play to the goalkeeper who has probably made a fair few quid as a footballer to this point.

At 33, there is still miles left on the clock of Bailey and you’d think he’s getting onto the field in the hope of getting a better move in the near future.

We wish Logan all the best.


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