A lot has been said and written about Celtic’s 3-3 draw with Man City on Wednesday night. Celtic have mostly been applauded for their efforts against one of the richest teams in Europe.

Man City have such a vast array of talent to call upon that Kolo Toure’s brother Yaya didn’t even manage to make the Champions League squad. Let that sink in.

However, something that lends even more context to the result on Wednesday is the Forbes magazine article, with the stats coming from Sporting intelligence.

The table below is a graphic of the world highest paid SPORTS teams in the WORLD. I emphasise Sports and World for very good reason. To quantify the result thus far we have had football and even European comparisons. This takes into account EVERY sports team on the planet and what their weekly wage expenditure is.


Manchester City currently occupy THIRD place in this table, beaten only by PSG and Real Madrid.

The gulf in the two clubs spending power should give Celtic no chance of a result. Some of their players will pay more out in tax on a weekly basis than what some of our players are on.

It’s just another reminder, no matter who you are, how much money you’re on and how talented you might be, when you step out at Celtic Park on those special nights the playing field is quickly evened with 60,000 passionate Celtic fans willing their team on.

It really is something special.



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