CELTIC released some more details about tickets to Celtic’s semi-final showdown with Hearts which will take place in Murrayfield later this month after fans were clamouring to know what was going on.

An image had surfaced online about ticket pricing with saying that the fans who were designated Murrayfield without a proper explanation will have to fork out more for their tickets.

This Image was flagged by @carfenian on Twitter

As we understand it and now Celtic’s Supporter Liason Officer has confirmed – all ticket prices must be the same price regardless of the venue.

However, this Celtic fan has picked up on a differential between the pricing information currently available.

Celtic were unceremoniously punted to Murrayfield last week after the SPFL’s first decision to hold both games on the same day at the same ground unravelled.

The club sent out a strongly worded statement that there was no attempt to be fair as to who went were and instead inconvenienced the Celtic fans ahead of the other three sets of supporters.

Celtic have announced their criteria for the first round of ticket sales but have not confirmed a date yet for the sale of briefs.

This is due to the club not being sent the tickets.

If you have attended either of the away games in the Bet Fred Cup or you’re on the home cup ticket scheme you have first refusal on a ticket to Murrayfield.



  1. When I saw the rumour headline I assumed it was reporting that the SRU, in addition to taking 20% of the Murrayfield gate, had told the SFA that they would not entertain the Rangers game being held at Murrayfield as the SFA could’t guarantee that the stadium would be returned to them in the same condition as prior to the game.
    Must be those troublesome Dons fans they are worried about!


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