Celtic look like they’re trying to get rid of dead stock before the Adidas deal kicks in three months time.

The bhoys will say goodbye to new Balance at the end of June and then the partnership between the Scottish Champions and Adidas will begin.

Before then, Celtic have done their best to try and shift this seasons jerseys. They took the unprecedented move of cutting prices as early as February knowing the Adidas deal was on the horizon.

The club have now slashed the prices again in an attempt to get them off the shelves.

This could mean a number of things. The New Balance gear this year may not have sold as many as the club thought it would.

The third kit has been a horrible mistake and we’ve not seen Celtic play a competitive game with it on.

It could also mean Adidas are not far off announcing their first Celtic kit and if pictures do come out soon of the design, new balance stuff will not be shifting.

There’s a bargain to be had if you like the hideous third kit!


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