Celtic have stuttered through this campaign, performances have been stop/start and no real consistency has emerged.

Many still believe this team are capable of playing to a high standard and it’s now just a matter of time before they hit their stride.

The media are trying to use silly headlines with “title chase” getting thrown around everywhere. The reality is Celtic have a comfortable cushion without a good run of form or without hitting their peak.

People are quick to forget that for most of the season Celtic have played 3 games a week and are quick to forget about the number of injuries Brendan Rodgers has had to deal with.

Pittodrie today, is the perfect fixture for Celtic to start something. Celtic’s best performances this season have come against Aberdeen. With Partick Roberts and Tom Rogic coming back into contention the Celtic squad will only get stronger as the season gets into the business stage.

Brendan Rodgers is on course to lift 6 trophies in 2 seasons, it would be nice if some media channels and Celtic fans could focus on this.



  1. So, getting beat at Pittodrie today gives us a cushion of 6 points and we have to play them twice. They would be 13 goals behind us and would need to win their remaining 10 games including the two against us. From a position of being 39 points ahead of them at the end of last season. And you think there is nothing really to worry about. I think Celtic will win the league but to be in this position is shameful. They are hopeful because we have given them hope. And all you have is a prayer that Celtic start to tun up when they have nottuned up for 90 % of the season. Arrogance is what I call this. And Complacency.

  2. This is a must win game far as I’m concerned.
    Sevco are only 6 points behind us now.
    The thought of them stopping the 10IAR doesn’t bear thinking about.
    C’mon Bhoys show us the REAL Celtic.

  3. John
    Shameful? Arrogance?
    Calm yourself.
    If you truly are a Celtic fan, you will not feed the trolls who wish us ill.
    Calling Celtic shameful and arrogant is not being truthful.

  4. Are some people for real?? We have had a full team out injured most of the season we are 9 points clear of second place.
    We qualified for European Football for after Christmas beat a team who spent over 170million last summer on players at home DESPITE playing a game 3 times a week both at home and away since early last summer.
    FFS people would want to start getting a grip on reality. In the scheme of things we are not in the same league as Zenith financially but we beat them at Celtic Park.
    WTF do people fkn want????

  5. To an extent I agree with you Tommy , however we went out tamely without a fight and I think that’s what was most annoying ?
    Zenit may have spent a lot on their team but they were not a PSG or Bayern Munich and we gave them too much respect.
    If we had scored first or at all Zenit would have been put under severe pressure, but we did not ask the question.


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