A spokesperson for Celtic has told Fans they will ‘vigorously contest’ the Scottish FA ban offered to Scott a Brown following Sunday’s Glasgow derby victory.

Brown was a star man as he played mind games with the Ibrox team and sent. A few of them over the edge with very little prompting.

The SFA has embarrassed themselves today by citing the player for ‘not acting in the best interests of association football’. You couldn’t make this stuff up!

Celtic’s position is clear in the matter.

The hyperbole and blame game around Scott Brown by some in the media has been quite a sight to behold. The rage and condemnation of a player who played with in the parameters in a game of football.

The Celtic captain is being charged because The Rangers players couldn’t behave themselves – it’s as simple as that.

Celtic took their medicine back in December when Scott Arfield and the rest of the team didn’t ‘act in the best interests of association football’ because Celtic players were grown up.

Celtic will rightfully now pick apart this bogus charge.


  1. What a bunch of @rseholes. If anyone wants charging with not acting in the best interests of association football it’s the SFA. Time Lawell realised we need protecting from the zealots an Masons who would destroy the fabric of Celtic. Get real lawyers involved and take these tw@ts to town. HH


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