There has been a lot of talk surrounding the restructuring of the Champions League format over the next 3-5 years.

The big clubs in the big leagues want to effectively make it a closed shop, leaving the so called lesser leagues with scraps.

BUT European football chief Lars-Christer Olsson has claimed the competition could still be inclusive for the likes of Celtic as they find a way forward. The football chief claims they would rather see the champions from of the smaller leagues come into the tournament without qualification instead of seeing a sixth team from the likes of Spain or England.

“We think the three extra positions should be allocated in a way that more associations can be represented in the Champions League.” Olsson told HearldSport.

“It must not be given to one of the ‘Big Five’ associations.

“We are also of the opinion that the so-called country cap of the Champions League should stay at maximum five teams from the same association.

“We actually prefer champions from Scotland, Denmark or Switzerland to qualify – rather than team number six from England or Spain.”

If the new proposal states the smaller leagues champions can get in without qualification, it would be a major boost to Celtic who have found qualification hard to come by over the last ten years.

If the bhoys can get back to winning the league before the CL format change and there’s guaranteed riches, it would transform the way we can do transfer business when we know we’re guaranteed ‘x’ amount of money.

We will be watching developments.


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