CELTIC might have the opportunity to make a gap of thirteen points at the top on Sunday with today’s Ibrox clash being called off due to weather conditions.

The game has fallen to storm Dennis and now it must be rescheduled for a later date.

IF the weather calms down and Celtic do take to the Pittodrie pitch tomorrow, the incentive to put more distance between themselves and second will be there.

Celtic are currently ten points clear with the Ibrox club having a game in hand to reduce the deficit to seven which they could have done this afternoon. Now with the call off and if Celtic’s game goes ahead they will have two games to play.

The fixture at Pittdodrie is not guaranteed to go ahead with weather as up north too. We’ll be keeping an eye on things to see if Celtic will take to the pitch on Sunday.


  1. My paranoia senses a desperate opportunistic attempt to close the gap by delaying the Ibrox game until we have faced Aberdeen tomorrow. Hopefully this cunning plan will backfire and they will fall even further behind when we score another bundle of goals


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