Celtic are heading for eight titles in a row and as they close in on the title and people try to formulate their own report cards on the team’s season as a whole there’s not one Celtic fan who would give the club a passing grade when it comes to one particular issue.


Specifically cross balls and corners!

It has been a great source of frustration among the Celtic support to say the least. Celtic fans tend to groan and look disinterested when they see the team land a corner during a game.

Once upon a time we would groan if a corner was taken short now we pray that’s the case because there’s more chance of the bhoys getting a goal from open play.

This must be practiced in training but the alarming amount of set pieces we fail to convert is shocking at times. We need to redouble our efforts in order to bring this into our game. It gives Celtic an extra option if they’re struggling to breakdown negative tactics like against Livingston.

I fully expect Celtic to win the rest of their games via set pieces after writing this.


  1. Totally agree – poor return for corners to headers , shots on goal for Celts for a few seasons now. Bayo is supposedly good in the air – not seen him yet , but we must address this , we are creating more from open play , yes, but as you say – never confident of a goal on the second touch.


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