EMILIO Izaguirre has revealed the club has asked him about one or two Honduras internationals since he’s been back at the club with one player’s name cropping up more than the others.

Izzy looks set to leave this club this summer if he can manage a move closer to home, however, it appears there is a fresh Celtic deal on the table.

As Celtic gear up for a big summer window, it stands to reason they are looking far and wide for new players and the Honduran Celtic have been most interested in is Alberth Elis according to Emilio Izaguirre as he spoke to SunSport. 

“Celtic have asked me about a few players from Honduras.

“They’ve asked me several times about Elis. Who knows? Maybe one day they will sign players from Honduras like me.

“Honduras has some very good players, but the professional part of things is sometimes missing.

“Here at Celtic, here you have to forget everything else and be a professional for 24/7 and when you play in matches, you give everything.”

Alberth, 23, plays for MLS side Houston Dynamo after making the £2m move from Monterrey in Liga MX Clausura back in January.

So far this campaign the attacker has scored four goals and has five assists to his name in just 8 games for his club.

The kind of stats that would attract attention, especially if he manages to sustain them over the MLS season.


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