Celtic have had their worst start to a season in almost twenty years under Brendan Rodgers and believe me when I tell you I am deeply concerned about the form and sharp decline of our current squad.


As we sit here today, picking over the bones of a game we should have won yesterday, we need a little perspective.

No, I’m not going to hit you with ‘Celtic have won a double treble so calm down’ patter. I’m not even going to commit to believing we can get out this current mess without having a successful January window.

However, after Celtic’s worst start to a campaign in almost twenty years, after only point out of nine on the road so far, after only scoring six goals in six games, Celtic are only six points off the top and incredibly only one point behind their Glasgow rivals.

The narrative is:

  • Rangers* = Amazing
  • Celtic = Shocking

Apparently, the only difference from going from shocking to amazing is just a two-point jump past your nearest rivals.

There’s no doubt they have improved ten-fold, and we have regressed but as bad as we’ve been in the opening part of the season we are still thereabouts and for all their positives they sit just a point above a hapless Celtic side. Hearts are on a roll, but logic dictates they will have a sticky spell.

As we watched in horror yesterday, conceding a late goal and then the thumping the Ibrox gave to St Johnstone to compound an already miserable day and it’s been a while since Celtic fans have felt that sort of hopelessness.

Celtic are far from down and out, but Brendan Rodgers must act quickly, if Celtic cannot beat Aberdeen next Saturday then it’s going to be a massive uphill struggle where we will most certainly have to rely on others going through a similar spell to ourselves.

It remains to be seen if Celtic can get back to even working at 50% of the capacity they once did under Rodgers but we’re not so far out of sight just yet that it can’t be recovered.

Five wins on the bounce and people will forget the Kilmarnock game, four wins and one loss in the next five will not be good enough.


  1. One win and two defeats? Did we score a REALLY late goal against st midden?
    I make it a draw and two defeats, with only one goal on the road.
    The ‘style’ and tactics are predictable now, and easily to defend against.
    He needs to switch up the formation, like he did often in the invincible season. We need two up front. It’s too easy to defend against a lone striker with eleven defenders.
    Go 352 or 343 and mix it up.
    Get shot of guys like Lustig who aren’t cutting it anymore. Hendry may not have been at fault for either of the goals, but he still makes loads of mistakes that put us under pressure.
    Why is our solo striker taking corners? He should be there to tap in the sitter that boyata missed.

  2. Derek I totally agree with you on Griffiths taking corners etc, he should be loitering with intent to stick the ball away it’s frustrating to watch. We’re rank rotten this season and to be fair we weren’t very good last year, players manager need to take a good look at themselves , if we keep dropping points the league will be over simple as that.

  3. Blame the board not BR they should off given him the player he required this is what happens when you don’t have the backing off the board.january could be to late to sort it out we can only hope they give him the money ?


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