If Celtic can click this season, there’s a player at Celtic Park who could be a major influence on the side.

Since coming into the club, Jota has shown he can be a major player and shows the kind of confidence on the ball Celtic will need if they are to break out of their poor form.

Jota hadn’t played back to back 90 minutes since 2019 until coming to Celtic and he’s still finding his feet in the team.

However, there’s obvious talent there and if we can get the best out of him, it will be an exciting proposition. Here’s one instance of the player taking on quality opposition, the final ball was lacking but his ability to get at players could prove valuable.

He’s by no means the finished article but the winger can be developed. Given Ange’s style, Jota needs to show more defensively before he can make the runs he wants.

We have a massive game coming up at Pittodrie, given our current form, there’s no guarantee we walk away with one point, never mind three.

Kyogo is back and it gives Jota the opportunity to try and feed the Japanese striker and get among the goals.


  1. Fantastic player from what I’ve seen so far ,let’s hope he doesn’t get disheartened playing with some of the driftwood alongside him and decide Celtic isn’t the team for him.

  2. As a former “left winger” I know a good one when I see one…and he is one.
    In fact I’d go as far as to say…he’s the best winger I’ve seen in a long time.
    My problem, however, is…To ask him to do defensive duties as well seems an utter waste of time…and yes I know… its the “modern way.”
    But when you’re asking full backs to be wingers…and asking wingers to be full backs…You’ll understand my puzzlement.
    I’m getting really fed up with the way we are trying to play just now…It’s so easy to play against…and either we change the style or get players in who can play it….Because we have been sussed…and teams are stopping us playing….or reeling us in.
    People like Rogic, McCarthy and Turnbull just aren’t doing the business…and this is the engine room of the team…and last night our full backs didn’t know if it was New Year or New York.
    We didn’t have the ” key players missing ” excuse last night…and still it turned out an embarrassment.
    What I will say in fairness is…Luck has deserted us just now…and we do need a wee break.
    But we need to get going again with a victory very soon…Roll on Pittodrie.

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