It was only two weeks ago Scott Brown was signed by Aberdeen for next season.

It now looks like Celtic are closing in on their new manager and for all the speculation, it looks like it will be Eddie Howe.

It seems really strange nobody at the club could give Scott a heads up that a deal could be close or is getting there with a new man before making his decision.

Instead, Scott was unsure of his own position in any new regime and couldn’t keep Stephen Glass waiting.

It’s left a scenario where Brown is probably leaving a season too early when you think of all the upheaval.

Some might think a clean break is the best thing for everyone but when you lose such a monumental figure from the dressing room, it has an impact.

There’s no telling if Eddie Howe or any other manager would have liked to keep Scott on but the option would have been handy.

The way it stands now, we need to replenish talent as well as dressing room leaders.


  1. Eddie Howe has been available since the start of season. Virtually every single Celtic fan knew Lennon’s time was up in the autumn (the 0-2 v Sevco 17 Oct was my verdict) yet we leave it till April to (hopefully) appoint him.
    If the board think they can claim any credit for Howe they can forget it. Their dithering has cost us the 10 and lost us Broonie to Aberdeen

  2. Said it as soon as I heard the news. Why?
    I couldn’t count the amount of times I’ve read folk comment about players not knowing what it means to pull on The Hoops. With so many changes, supposedly, coming up in the team, who better to have in there charging them up, letting them know who and what they’re playing for?
    OK, maybe his time actually playing will have to be somewhat curtailed, but surely he would be invaluable with the youth set up, which would be a first step in his coaching career.

    Celtic have defo missed a trick here, yet again!
    Who exactly is making these decisions????

  3. If celtic offered him another year on top of the one he was offered he would have stayed great professional i don’t think celtic thought he would go with a player older player ready to pick up player of season awards at club brown could offer celtic in spl games Europe might be beyond him leaving celtic financially secure
    So not the money its the coaching job if he progresses to be top coach he will be back im sure his celtic story not finished thanks broony


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