FORMER SCOTLAND BOSS Berti Vogts insists Celtic have absolutely no chance of getting a result against Bayern Munich.

Bayern has had a few weeks of turmoil through bad results, injuries and sacking their manager Carlo Ancelotti but they have since settled with former manager Jupp Heynckes coming back in.

Berti thinks none of the team’s previous troubles will matter and believes Celtic will be swept aside with ease.

“I think Celtic has no chance in Munich”, the former Scotland and Germany boss told Herald Scotland.

“This really is a must-win match for Bayern.

“If they can’t win their matches against Celtic they won’t reach the last 16 so I am afraid that it is just too important to then.

“In fact, I can see Bayern winning both matches against Celtic, because they know if they win both matches they are through to the next round”, he added.


  1. I m sorry to say I agree with Vogts, Celtic simply have not played anywhere near as well this seaon as last. We have not clicked into the fluid passing game we saw so often last season. I dont buy the theory that we are stronger now. Sure we have more options, but frankly we are not playing well. We have struggled in a few games, even though we win them. Great results v Astana at home and in Brussels v Anderlecht gave lie to the actual performances in those games. Im not saiyng we were bad but we got every ounce of luck going in those games. We were good in Norway where we bossed the game. At Ibrox we strolled it and never reached the heights we are capable of. Id be delighted to avaoid defeat v Bayern, but in truth if we concede less than 4 goals Id be relieved. Sorry if this seems negative, I really believe in the potential of this Celtic team, but we are falling far short of that just now

    • Couldn’t agree more al, your analysis of our season so far is spot on.
      Then again I also buy into Mabozza Ritcie’s post when he says “never say die”. Vogts is right this really is a must-win match for Bayern,but this may well work against them added to their injury problems the recent bad results and the sacking of Ancelotti the pressure might well tell on them and this may be the best time for Celtic to get a result.
      I just wish this first game against them was at Celtic Park where our twelfth man could have roared us on and really cranked up the pressure on Bayern.
      We will really need to find a way of upping our game at least to the best form of last season if we are to get anything but this is Celtic “never say die” come HOOPS GET INTAE THEM!! HH


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