CELTIC ASSISTANT MANAGER, Chris Davies today told the media that Celtic has ‘no plans’ to sign anyone else before they take on FC Astana in a double header.

Many fans who were hopeful the club would go above and beyond to make their Champions League dream a reality will be left disappointed with Davies’ admission.

Celtic have been progressing nicely and the board and manager must feel they have enough at the moment to get into the group stages.

If they do manage to get past FC Astana like they did last year with a weaker side, then all eyes will be on the club to make sure they leave no stone unturned to make sure the squad is good enough to compete in this year’s competition.

Qualification is by no means a guarantee.


  1. We have become so accustomed to winning that elimination is unthinkable. But if we lose to a better team, I can accept that. Looking back on last season in Europe, we lost at home to the Germans who were not better than us, then tied them away when we should have won. Tied the best team in England at the time, home and away. We should have won away for sure. Losing to Barcelona twice was no shame, even the thumping in Barcelona. I believe we crave these opportunities again.

  2. I never assume we will do it, but always live in hope. One thing I earnestly pray for is, if we do make the CL that we do not get Barca again. Yes, it is the new Old Firms, but not EVERY year. Please.


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