FORMER CELTIC hero, Chris Sutton has delivered his verdict on Steven Gerrard’s shock exit from Scottish football, weeks after he sad he was happy and settled.

Celtic’s rivals are in disarray this morning as they pick over the pieces of what’s been a manic 48 hours where the five stages of grief are at play.

Sutton commented on Gerrard’s time in Scotland, managing to stop ten in a row behind closed doors but was quick to get a jibe in over the Englishman’s trophy record.

St Johnstone won two trophies last year, an incredible feat for them as a club. It did overshadow what was going on in Glasgow. The biggest story was Celtic’s incredible self harm by the board and their capitulation.

Gerrard could go down as lucky, before football fans were locked outside grounds, his own fanbase wanted his resignation, shortly before nine in a row was confirmed.

Ultimately, he will be remembered for the man who won a trophy when there was no fans allowed to witness it.

All the best to him at Aston Villa.



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