CELTIC have made it clear on Thursday morning nothing has been decided with regards to any away ticket allocation for games in the future after Ibrox chief Stewart Roberston claimed there would be away supporters at the final two league Glasgow derbies of the season.

The club has been inundated with questions from supporters about the potential return of away fans to Ibrox and Celtic Park for the fixture since the interview came out with the Ibrox chief.

Celtic have had no correspondence with the Ibrox club about these games and they’ve clearly heard this first via the interview.

It’s prompted a strong response from the club.

Some Celtic fans are irked we’re entertaining our rivals and their petty decision to stop 7500 Celtic supporters from watching their team at Ibrox twice a season.

There are supporters out there who want all or nothing. If they want to reinstate the prior arrangement then Celtic should gladly oblige, but if the paltry 850 tickets are coming our way, should we be thinking twice?

We’ve stuck a poll out on social media, with around 1k votes at present, ‘All or nothing’ is prevaling.



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