Celtic are in talks to bring free agent Steven Fletcher into the club and that’s what dominates today’s Celtsarehere hotline. We debuted the new feature this week, where we take the hot Celtic topics of the day and get your opinion on our 105k strong Facebook page.

Today, there was only one thing really on supporters minds.

We reported on Wednesday evening the club was in talks to sign the player on a free. We also updated the current state of play early this morning; a deal isn’t done yet but it appears to be close. [Read More]

The reaction has been largely negative but in true social media fashion the more the majority push one way, you’ll always get resistance from others.

Would Steven Fletcher add value to Celtic as a backup? Perhaps. However, some supporters see this as a stitch up and the cheap option and they’re not hiding that opinion.

Here’s today’s Celtic Hotline:

Would take him as a 3rd or 4th choice CF. Decent bit of business if we get him – Marty Scott started us off positive.

Paul McDonald isn’t happy: Shocking signing. He’s a big donkey. Terrible business if it happens.

Levi Brown added: 33 years old, 38 goals in last 4 seasons. Absolutely embarrassing this is the calibre of player our club is after.

Rick Hendry sees value in the deal: I was against it but now I think he could do a job he isn’t going to start every week, he’s cover and will score goals. When we clinch ten everyone will love him.

Marco Mancini is willing to see the positives as well: If Eddie stays and he’s playing up top with him he might just do a turn. He’s taking a massive drop in wages. I trust Lennys eye for a player