ARTUR BORUC was clapped off the pitch last night by his teammates as he was substituted in the 65th minute of his 65th game for Poland.

The Polish shot-stopper nicknamed ‘The Holy Goalie’ from his time at Celtic is hanging up his international gloves having played at a World Cup and European Championship for his country.

Upon leaving the field, his choice of music was a little suspect or was he trying to troll people?

You decide!


  1. More chance of Artur Trolling the Vermin from Govania.When he was with the Bhoys,You didnt have to be a Rocket Scientist to appreciate,Exactly how he felt about The Embarrassment that is And Forever Shall Be Sevcolona…..They dont do,Walking Away.They Brassneck There Case,Exactly how Mister Glib n Shameless operates.The Lying King of Ibroke is a Comedian.Please please please,Dont Get Yourselves Liquimified again.As the Celtic Hordes are having an absolute Side Splitting Laugh at the Hunanigans over at the Crumble Dome…HH and get it right up the Lot of Them…


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