The standard of refereeing in this country has always been an issue. When you’re winning and you moan about it, you’re told to stop whinging and enjoy the winning, when you’re losing and you moan about it, you’re a sore loser. When exactly are we supposed to flag it as a major issue?

Bobby Madden again had one of the most bizarre 90 minutes I’ve witnessed from a referee at Celtic Park on Saturday. There was no rhyme or reason to his decisions, it was pot luck if you got a foul or not.

The official Celtic fans forum had a meeting with the club on Thursday and the issue was raised.

Who is in the fans forum?

Celtic fans from all walks of life put themselves forward a number of years ago to talk about the current issue facing Celtic fans in general and how the club can help facilitate things.

Ginty1888 is always great at giving everyone on social media ahead up about what has been said in the meetings and then we can pass it onto our large Celtic audience.

During the ‘general questions’ segment of the meeting, the general

Ginty gives a synopsis and the gist of what’s been said and shouldn’t be taken as verbatim:

Fans forum question: ‘Referees are getting worse. The club should call it out & make a statement.

Celtic: ‘We are watching and we are on it. We lobbied for VAR and it will hopefully start next season. We do our business quietly.’

Fand forum rebuttal: Referees should talk about decisions post-match.

Celtic: Other sports can do it. Maybe we could learn from them?

Acting Chief executive Michael Nicholason was in attendance at the meeting. You’re not sure how much to take at face value at times when it comes to the club doing things behind the scenes.

Have they simply only lobbied for VAR and not taken up some of the bizarre officiating going on in our game?

If Celtic think VAR is going to sort out the current mess, think again. It might stop the odd offside goal from being counted but we are majorly sceptical of it having a profound effect on the way these referees do their business.



  1. So the board that has lied over the 5 way agreement and is all in with ‘old firm’ incorporated is now making a stand. I’ll believe it when I see it!

  2. I have noticed the masonic refs have discovered they can heavily influence a game based on whistling for fouls each time there looks like an opening is happening. You can see the refs putting their whistles in their mouths ready to call back play everytime Celtic look like they are breaking through. It’s all done in a matter of seconds. If the ref sees the other team puts in a successful tackle, or the move breaks down, the refs don’t whistle, but if it’s looking dangerous, the ref will whistle and call bck the play. This way the refs are not scrutinized over major decisions, but the result of the game is still influenced to a high degree. It’s happening over and over, enough for me to consider giving up watching this rigged game in Scotland.

  3. Yeah right blame the refs , the celtic way – funny don’t remember wim jansen starting henrik on the bench ,or out on the wing ! Why the best finisher kyogo doesn’t take pens instead of a half fit dutchman shows the naivety of our manager – 2steps forward 1 back won’t win this league – rest kyogo in Europe league if the huns get there hands on champion league money watch celtic crash + burn

  4. The Scottish game is corrupt. On Saturday at the penalty kick the Livi goalkeeper is off his line and the Livi no 5 has encroached into the penalty area. I know, I know, he would probably have missed the retake but rules are rules and Madden gave a retake decision for the very same breach of the rules in the Motherwell v St Mirren game on Wed night. Because we played rubbish on Sat doesn’t mean referees can just ignore the rules. Maddens performance in the 1st half on Sat was either cheating or bizarre, as he seemed to favour the away team 90% of the time I’m afraid it looked like it was the former. All teams in Scotland seem to suffer from these strange decisions by a small group of top level Scottish referees except one team and we all know who they are. I’ve followed Scottish football for around 70 years and I’m certain that the dishonesty in the game here at this time is the worst ever.

  5. Jock Stein nailed the anti Celtic refs and linesmen issue approximately fifty seven years ago , he briefed the players prior to games in Scotland, ” you.ll need to score at least 2 more than the opposition as officials will chalk of a goal or invent a penalty during any 90 minutes ” …so if you hear some keyboard warriors from oldco or newco saying ‘ big jock knew ‘ turns out they were echoing his knowledge of ANYONE bar Celtic refs


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