We all know what the Celtic Board are. We all accept, not with any pleasure, that they are likely Tories. None of us expect that Ian Bankier, Michael Nicholson, Thomas Allison (bet you didn’t know that one) or Sharon Brown would be especially good company.

Few Celtic fans would fancy them to be any good at a pub quiz, or at Celtic trivia, or perhaps even naming the Lisbon Lions! One thing we are right to expect, however, is that they show business sense. That is, after all, why we sacrifice all of the above, isn’t it?

We are willing to accept cold-hearted money men, given that they show financial sense. If the appointment of former assistant chief constable Bernard Higgins goes through, then the board must be completely without merit.

In appointing someone with such brazen, naked dislike for fans, the Celtic board will have thrown down a marker not easily erased. This is not a situation to be erased by performances, wins, or even trophies. There is only one thing that the fans will accept to appease this situation, do not appoint him.

The Celtic board are being given every opportunity to educate themselves. Sunday’s win over Aberdeen featured a banner and post-match protest by which the Celtic faithful made their opinions clear to all. Any movement now by the board will be seen in direct comparison to that: an appointment shows they don’t listen, a swift backtrack will show they do.

That being said, for Bernard Higgins to be this close to a job at Celtic is already a stark indictment for the board. All it would take is one staffer, one secretary, one tea lady to have a voice within the club and to be empowered to inform the powers-that-be.

Simply put, either there is no-one within the club with their fingers on the pulse of their lifeblood, or they’ve already been warned but simply do not care. No Celtic fan would relish either of these options, and that we are forced to choose between them is a depressing sign for the Club at large.

I spoke earlier about the board being without merit, if this is true, then the inevitable query must be: why allow them to remain?

Celtic fans have relinquished their club to business gurus, at the expense of the ethos of the support. Yet we are still faced with baffling decision making, and a board that seemingly can do no right.

This season, the board have stumbled upon an inexplicable appointment that has won the fanbase’s hearts: Ange Postecoglou. In appointing Bernard Higgins, they would be repeating their unpredictable decision making, with perhaps the final mistake we would allow them to make.


  1. I vote Conservative, does that make me less of a Celtic fan than a Labour or SNP voter? What exactly does “The final mistake we will allow them to make” actually mean? are WE going to sack them and appoint our own board of “Real Celtic Men” to become our puppets and only make business decisions WE agree with? Get real.

    • It doesn’t make you any less of a Celtic fan, just an absolute abomination of a human being, without empathy, sympathy or consideration for anyone else.

      • Very adult and an excellent example of how inclusive our clubs fans are GFD and Seppington, a credit to the club and a fine example to our young fans. My name is Scottish from a clan of that name and my family from grandparents back are Irish, they came to Scotland, during the famine. So thanks for the slur on our family name

    • Wow, votes tory and boasts of it, some danglers Bhoy
      Doris doing his best is what you opted for?
      I live in England now, but never will I blame the English solely for voting them ‘back in’.
      Not now I’ve had confirmation on it?
      Good luck in Scotia IF independence is ever achieved.

  2. I always live in England Michael, not a dangler, been a Celtic supporter for over 60 years but I just can’t see what a persons political persuasion has to do with supporting Celtic or any other team for that matter, the same as a persons religion shouldn’t matter.

    • Well Robert, so have I most of my adult life, to each their own and I concur it should make no difference whatsoever, politics or religion; unfortunately there’s certain folk around and I can see some of their comments above/below that it means everything to.
      No way I’m jumping on that bandwagon, can I ask if you are following in the family trait/tradition. I ask because I do exactly that, I’ve no time for any political party or those that represent them, I vote the way my father did, as a nod of respect to him and other family members.
      I admire your straight talking and meant nothing else. Danglers or otherwise. I only wish there were more like you involved in politics, I simply do not believe nor trust ANY of them.
      For me what the tory party has done to the NHS and attempted to do to it, is more than reason enough to give them a wide birth.
      Regardless of that and politics I wish you and yours well and truly hope with all my heart that you All have Happy Holidays and Awraverybest for 2022.
      ps. My hope is that B.Higgins never gets appointed.

      • Thank you for your comments Michael, I honestly didn’t mean this to upset anyone I was only pointing out that there are Celtic supporters who might vote Conservative, or am I the only one? The slur on my name I will leave that as I believe I stopped that kind of behaviour when I left primary school if not before, I would much rather he came out and called me the name he is hinting at than besmirch my whole family, most of if not all vote Labour I think.
        My school was closing to be used as a polling station one year and one of my teachers asked me who my family were going to vote. He then said “No dont tell me it’ll be Labour, because if it was Yogi bear standing for Labour in the Gorbals he’d get voted in”. So since I got to voting age I have always voted the party I thought would be more beneficial for the country. I agree with you 100% Higgins should never be allowed anywhere near Celtic Park although I think we will suffer badly from police Scotland, far worse than we have up until now, he doesn’t strike me as the kind of man who will take the knockback well.

        • Yes, and that should make no difference, Celtic fans and fans from all other clubs, bar trfc of course, could indeed bare the brunt of that. The subject matter here is quite incredible really; Scotland has some deep seated problems and we’re talking about a high flying copper taking the spur for not getting onto the board at Celtic Park !!
          I can only imagine what my father would’ve said about that scenario.
          Sure is some crazy times we live in. Noo am away to see my other ‘green’ friend.

  3. If we get back to the facts it would be good .
    Stop sniping at each other . We are all CELTIC fans .
    But the fact is that Higgins , has proven , by his actions , that he hates football fans .
    Possibly our fans more than others .

  4. The club should drop the subject totally. End of! My opinion is…….

    Nothing to do with Religion
    Nothing to do with Politics
    Nothing to do with Colour
    Nothing to do with Race
    Nothing to do with Sex
    Nothing to do with Anybody – except me!

  5. I know it’s easier said than done but we must be more clinical in front of goals. We must win by more than the odd goal to stop the constant bitching by managers like Nielsen claiming they should have got more from a game when they only had 9 shots to our 25, tested our goalkeeper with 2 shots as opposed to our poor 5 from 25. We had 70% possession to their 30%. I get really wound up when the TV companies allow people like Kris Boyd to spout his biased nonsense after what looks like a close game. Thought Starfelt was good after his lay off and Monty could be a star.


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