In an incredible twist but not entirely unexpected, SunSport is reporting the SFA are set to hammer both Celtic and The Rangers for the scenes a the full time whistle at Celtic Park on Sunday.

Yes, you read that correctly. The fracas which ensued because of the ill-discipline of Andy Halliday charging at Scott Brown seen players get pulled apart and Mikael Lustig looking like a superhero with a heavily ripped Celtic shirt. However, apparently, this is cause to fine Celtic, with a charge of ‘failing to control their players’.

Surely common sense will prevail here and the footage shows there’s only one team who wanted to get violent and the other side were simply defending themselves during the incident.

During the match, we saw an elbow to Scott Brown and also Kent punching Brown in the face as the captain played mind games with the whole Ibrox team.

Andy Halliday sparked the controversy after the match by charging towards Scott Brown like the bad loser he is and was sent off down the tunnel for his efforts. It will be a shocker if Celtic get handed any fine.


  1. Are they going to fine both sets of fans too?????? This is getting rediculous. Are they going to fine the Sky and all the telecasters as they allowed millions to view such a shocking scenes. Boooooooo.

  2. Is this the SFA in a new plot to help the tribute act
    Fine the Famous Glasgow Celtic since 1888 £100 million and bring them back to the level of the tribute act
    These scumbags are a feckin disgrace
    Loss a game and they start attacking our players, which in turn spreads to their feckin inbred fans stabbing our fans
    The SFA want to punish us
    They can feck aff right off
    Hail Hail

  3. The Rangers players are the only ones who are ill disciplined. The Rangers fans are the only ones who go out on attempted murder and stabbing sprees after a defeat. The SFA are corrupt and seek to deflect by blaming any other parties as well. Everyone knows this although many are reluctant to admit it as it strikes at the heart of their primitive beliefs. This is modern Scotland.

    If this goes ahead, Celtic should go to law and take this all the way to the courts.
    I am fed up with the delinquents of Ibrox and their poor behaviour. It runs through the entire institution. They NEVER take any responsibility and are fully aided by the thoroughly corrupt SFA. Thank God the referee had a good game or it could have been much worse.


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