REPORTS THIS MORNING SUGGEST CELTIC are about to agree a deal which will see the Parkhead club be the opposition in what would be a tumultuous testimonial honouring veteran Rangers star Lee McCulloch. Yes, your read that right, Lee McCulloch. Although relations between the Premiership side and Championship side aren’t the best it’s thought this offering from Celtic could start to build bridges between the two clubs and offer both sets of fans a big match feeling.


We understand Lee has personally asked for Celtic for his testimonial tie and he may just get his wish. Surely both sets of supporters would welcome the move at this point as there is a good chance Rangers will not be promoted this summer.

We also understand that Lee will forgo his testimonial fee and give it straight to the Rangers coffers to help with immediate running costs at the club. This might disgruntle some CELTIC fans who will certainly not want their cash to prop up the Ibrox club.


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