Speaking to CeltsAreHere.com earlier this week, it was great to get Jim Craig’s perspective on a great number of issues as the Lisbon Lion promoted his new book.

The European Cup winner was in no doubt how unique a talent Celtic have on their hands in Kieran Tierney and hopes the young man will stay at Celtic for a long time.

However, the former Celtic player stopped short of saying Kieran is likely to spend his whole career at Celtic.

Speaking about the financial gulf between Scotland and England, a pragmatic Craig knows that there will be people advising the player down the line.

Kieran Tierney is a special player, with everything that a top defender needs. He has pace, strength and tackles well; he also loves to come forward to help out the forwards. And, even better, he has always been a Celtic fan. I hope he will be at Celtic Park for a long time.

However (there is that word again) there is a serious financial gulf between what a player can earn in Scotland and what he could pick up in England. Right now, Kieran seems very happy with his lot at Celtic Park. Suppose, though, that he was being advised by a financial advisor that knows the British scene; what advice would he be giving our young star?

I don’t think many Celtic fans would disagree with what Jim has said.

If you want to read the Lisbon Lions whole interview with us and find out where to pre-order his new book, you can find it here!




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