While we eagerly await news on how this season will pan out, there are many Celtic fans looking beyond this to Celtic’s ten in a row season.

With so much downtime at the minute, there’s no football to discuss but there is the small matter of Celtic’s squad going forward.

Fraser Forster has been the catalyst for some outstanding results this term and single handedly delivered the League Cup trophy back in December with a phenomenal display.

We wrote earlier on Wednesday the keeper might be staying with the club a little longer if the season is allowed to finish on the field. However, whether it does or it doesn’t get played to a finish.

Celtic will head into a historic season where they could beat the Lisbon Lions record of nine trophies in a row and get that elusive ten.

We’re going to need to be at our best and make sure we have our top stars intact for the season.

Fraser being on loan presents the real possibility the goalkeeper will head back down south, never to be seen again.

Packie Bonner has told SunSport, it’s his belief that Fraser would like to stay at the club beyond this season and urges the the Scottish Champions to do a deal:

“You have to think keeping Fraser Forster at the club would be Neil’s priority.

“I don’t know what the specific financial elements would be for that to happen and if Southampton would be open to a fresh loan arrangement.

“Maybe they’d even be willing to discuss a permanent agreement. That option would be very expensive with a transfer fee and wages combined, while Fraser would probably have to take a substantial drop in money.

“But I’m certain Fraser would want to stay with Celtic. Why wouldn’t he?”


  1. Celtic can’t afford Fraser and can’t sell him on latter, large wages only start tongues wagging when ability fails at a later date in Fraser’s case 3 years time no value


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