NEIL LENNON told the media even he felt uncomfortable watching the Glasgow Derby at the weekend when Celtic handed out an absolute beating to their Glasgow rivals.

Neil, who is no stranger to beating the Ibrox side whether it be with Hibs or Celtic believes the game was a freak show and that the sides were totally mismatched.

‘It got really uncomfortable, believe it or not, for me,’ said the Hibs boss.

‘When the fifth goal went in after 50-odd minutes, I was thinking: “This just doesn’t look right”. It was a total mis-match. I hadn’t seen anything like that before in this fixture.

‘But it’s not the same. Celtic are a fantastic team. But they’re beatable. Yet they absolutely wiped the floor with Rangers.

‘It was a freak show.’ .

‘I’m not that bothered about it because I’m on the green-and-white side of it.


  1. The Embarrassment that is Sevco 5088.Bringing Gerrard to £broke isnt going to make any difference to the Outcome,Of whose crowned Champions.Doesnt matter who this Rancid New Club brings in or what players they loan etc.FFS how DeLooDeid are the Peepul,There future is in the Balance.And its going to end Horribly but They Deserve Every bit of pain they Get,Mon Brendan Show Them what ts like to be Celtic..HH


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