It has been no secret that Jason Denayer came to Celtic for just this season. In the summer when Celtic were going loan crazy and bringing players in with a view to buy, Jason was not subject to that clause. Man City were very keen on the Belgian defender getting first team football but not so keen on selling him at the end of the loan period. We can all see why they were reluctant to do so.


Since coming in to Celtic the promising defender has been solid along side big Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk. There’s no doubt this bhoy has a great future in the game but if any fans were hopeful that he might sign for another year on-loan or even come in on a permanent basis his latest comments put end to that.

When asked where he sees himself next season the player was very honest –

“I hope next season to be ready to play for City. If I get the chance to play with Vincent Kompany then I know I’ll have made it”

Celtic still have are still going in 4 separate competitions and Jason will definitely want to head back to Manchester with some well earned medals and trophies under his belt.

With the Belgian leaving this summer though and van Dijk getting itchy feet we may have a brand new centre back pairing come August this year.


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