As we reported a few weeks ago, Celtic are looking to get rid of flop defender Marvin Compper before Friday’s transfer deadline.

If they don’t manage to loan or sell the German out then the club will look to pay him off to get him off the books.

Marvin’s time at Celtic has been an unmitigated disaster.

The defender has played less than 90 minutes of football since joining the club back in January. Since coming in, the player has had a catalogue of injuries, and just when it looks like he might be getting fit another injury hits.

Celtic brought Marvin in to add experience to a young defence but all he has been doing is earning a wage sitting on the sidelines.

As transfers go, it’s up there with Derek Boerrigter.

Celtic paid Leipzig £1.2million for Compper, and he’s reportedly on big wages. The club would like him to move on as soon as possible.


  1. Scrap him, I hear that the Uk needs more Copper. No fuc&ing sack the scouts though, as they couldn’t find a better arsehole if they were wiping it.


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