REPORTS tonight suggest Celtic have had a bid rejected by Motherwell for goalkeeper Trevor Carson.

The 29-year-old shot stopper impressed Brendan Rodgers during Celtic and Motherwell’s trifecta of games last year and is looking to bring him in as competition for de Vries.

Celtic’s bid of 200k has fallen below Motherwell’s asking price and it’s unclear if Celtic will try elsewhere if they can’t get the goalkeeper on the cheap.

The club are most likely looking for a backup goalkeeper and don’t want to spend a lot with Gordon due back in three months and Hazard back at the end of this season.

The transfer window closes on Wednesday night and we’re almost certain Celtic will have a goalkeeper in before it closes.


  1. Celtic have not had a decent goalkeeper signed from a Scottish club since Ally Hunter from Kilmarnock way back in 1973. They should be bringing in some like David Marshall or Danny Ward from Liverpool on loan as it looks like Craig Gordon could be back in three months.

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