CELTIC have potentially upset 800 fans by letting them know they will NOT be in the ballot for the Ibrox tickets because they were successful last time around.

“Please note, STH who meet the criteria and who were successful for match v. Rangers on 29th December are not included in the ballot. We do not have a sufficient allocation to offer all STH who meet this criteria a ticket for this match.” was the message on the official website.

The 800 fans who were in attendance to watch Mikey Johnstone start up front as a lone striker while Callum McGregor played left back at the end of 2018 were left outraged by the decision.

The club’s thought obviously being they have had their turn at Ibrox and it allows other people high up on the away days list to get into the game. But some believe the move is unfair.

One Fan wrote: @barryplough7 tweeted: “So the fans are actually being penalised for attending a previous game? Couldn’t run a p*** up in a brewery.” and there were more angry responses over at RecordSport.

Celtic used to take 7000 fans to Ibrox on a regular basis but Dave King cut it to the bare minimum with Celtic fans partying in the away section too much for their liking (allegedly).

The final Glasgow Derby of the season takes place next month with Neil Lennon taking his Celtic team to Ibrox. Hopefully the Irishman can get a better result than Brendan Rodgers did in the winter.


  1. Hi I think what celtic are doing is fair with only the 800 there they doing what they seem as fair it gives the other away supporters a chance for the game the blame lies at door of dave King the Great pretender who started this thing about the away supporters I hope this turns round and bites him on his arse by us beating the dirty dozen on there own turf also the guys who where on that hateful day 29th Dec 2018 are now just getting greedy about this so be like the rest of us who will not get a ticket and watch it on the telly somewhere and you know celtic could have said nothing and you lot did not get 1 what would you have done och Well and moaned a bit and just watched as I said earlier on so the guys were just honest to the supporters and still not happy they can’t do anything right for doing wrong so grow up and get on with it and oh this is a sad place and supporter just now for the passing of big Billy just keep the faith stop moaning and don’t do anything to fill over there’s mouth and think of the great man who has left the celtic family but will always be in our hearts and mind hail hail our King is dead so we’re ever we are on the day of old firm football game just support and think of the big man hail hail.


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