Dundee Utd star hasn’t broke tradition since this marathon of games between the two clubs have started by talking out in the media again about Celtic before the game this weekend. While Celtic have clearly done their talking on the pitch we have had moaners, greeters and wee boys chanting cheaters since Celtic won the League cup and knocked the Tannadice club out of the Scottish cup.

Today stepping up to bat iss Paul Paton, yes the Paul Paton that’s been trying to go through our players the last 3 games. A guy that would have been suspended for the cup final had it not been for mistaken identity.
celtic izzy

The midfielder whines about Celtic getting ALL the decisions for them while poor Dundee Utd get nothing. He also speaks about the power Celtic seemingly have over officials.

“As a club Celtic can manipulate referees more than Dundee Utd can” Paton explains.

There is a distinct lack of culpability at Dundee Utd who seemingly cannot accept they were comprehensively beat on Wednesday. It’s somebody else’s fault they were dumped out of two competitions in 4 days. If that’s the stance they choose to take then thy can keep running their mouth in the press while I suspect Celtic will again carry out their talking on the park.

Let’s just hope we have a strong red on Saturday


  1. Paul Paton should hang his head in shame rather than shout his big mouth off as he was not man enough to hold his hand up when he let his team mate be sent off instead of him. What a louse he is and he has the cheek to open his mouth. Crawl back into the hole you came out of you low life and let decent people get on with life. He has also tried too take nearly every Celtic player out of the games they have played. We will see on Saturday just how big a man he is. Scum.!!


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