Celtic announced this afternoon that they have sent plans to Glasgow City Council in a bid to develop the land in and around Celtic Park.

The Celtic board look to reap the rewards of a successful team on the pitch by pressing forward with ambition plans that would enhance the match day experience ten fold.

CELTIC Football Club has announced that it will today make a Proposal of Application Notice to Glasgow City Council in relation to possible further development of the Celtic Park area, including the potential creation of a new hotel, retail store, ticketing facility and museum.

OK, so there has been no hover pitch announced but if you’re a Celtic fan you can’t help but grin from ear to ear as the club look to build on our success.

The club should be applauded for their ambition. Fingers crossed we can get the approval from GCC. Shouldn’t be a problem considering all the state aid they give us.

Read the full Celtic statement here


  1. I asked for a macaroni pie last week 45 minutes prior to kick off and I was told they had ran out. If you have ever been to Celtic park and managed to leave your seat at half time, buy food and get back to your seat before the restart, then you must be a ninja! I can’t wait to see how they are going to run a hotel! Maybe they should focus on running what is already there before they expand upon their poor service for dedicated supporters.

  2. Would like to see some investment inside the stadium for the ordinary fans. You don’t go to the cinema or theatre and expect to see poor catering facilities, toilets that belong to another century and tv screens which more often broke than working. Match day experience? How us a break!

  3. Welcome to the 21st Century!

    Sevconians and any bigots that might wear other colours, including green and white… you’ve been left behind in the 17th Century… blow your candle out when you’re done!

    Hail Hail

  4. Well done Celtic for the idea any redevelopment in the east end should be applauded , but I am not crazy on the design please don’t build any structures that would eclipse our stadium ,a Hotel on one side and the museum on the other side and the same brick work would give the wow factor , it would widen the view on both sides and eyes would be drawn all round , Hail Hail ps If there is work to be done on the inside of the ground please attend to it as the supporters come first , as everyone knows theres no player bigger than there club.and theres no club bigger than there supporters ,

  5. Looks amazing and the museum will be another great tourist attraction for Glasgow.
    As Anthony says it would be nice to upgrade inside Parkhead especially the catering as this is an embarrassment. So overpriced for what can only be described as cheap low end food. Could do so much better….be nice to give the fans a wee return every now and then.


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