IF I’ve learned anything from Brendan Rodgers is to always read between the lines. If you don’t want to see something you’re just not going to see it but if you are warier then you will be called negative but more often than not you will be bang on the money.

Many Celtic fans enjoyed the comments from Timothy Weah during the week when he admitted he has fallen in love with the club. Great comments and something we see a lot of from young players who come in and embrace the Celtic support.

However, his comments seem to suggest his time at the club is coming to an end.

“I love the fans here and no matter what the future holds for me, I want everyone involved with the club to know I love it here and I’m always going to watch Celtic. he told RecordSport. “I’m always going to support the boys from afar.”

There was hope in what he said when he said Celtic was still an option but nothing is set and unless something major changes an exit is likely.

“But in terms of the immediate future, Celtic is still an option that we have.

“It’s up to us as a family and it’s also my decision to tell them where I’m most comfortable and what we think is best for my future.

“We just have to figure that out. But no matter what, as I say, I will always love this club.”

There’s no doubt the young lad is a talent but he has been victim to the managerial change at Celtic more than anything else.

Brendan Rodgers leaving and Neil Lennon coming in was traumatic for the support and the players and it meant any of the momentum some of the players had before Rodgers left was lost.

Weah has fallen into that category and it’s unlikely the club will want to pay his wages for a full season if he is to be used sparingly and it’s more unlikely his representatives will want him to go somewhere to get regular football.

The bhoy has a great attitude and just wants to improve and play the game. I’d be surprised if it was at Celtic unless the player gets a major role in the Celtic run-in.





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