Celtic managed to get three points on the night in spite of the referee Alan Muir’s performance which should now be taken up with the SFA.

Ian Bankier claimed at the last Celtic AGM the club did their business away from the public eye. If there’s not some sort of formal complaint handed to the SFA tomorrow over Muir’s performance then something is badly wrong.

The referee missed Carl Starfelt being elbowed in the face, he then doesn’t stop play for a head knock where Carl is bleeding. He then books the Swedish defender for being irate that the game wasn’t stopped so he could receive treatment. Minutes later, Starfelt would be off for a second yellow, taking the Hoops down to ten men.

Carl Starfelt should never have been in that position and Muir constructed the perfect scenario for Celtic to drop points. Low and behold, we still managed to get the result right at the death. That shouldn’t matter, the referee needs to answer some serious questions.


  1. You have madden.beaton.dallas.muir.walsh.anderson. and a few more refs letting other players assault CELTIC players and then denying they never seen it just like muir against ross county tonight surely the CELTIC board will stand up for there own players and if not get that board out of paradise as soon as possible COWARD BASTARDS

  2. Their silence on EVERYTHING is deafening. Are they wanting another club to stay solvent and they capitalise by selling the shite “old firm” rivalry to the mugs ?

  3. Absolute joke letting these officials referee matches when there is only agenda to let the Paris buns win the league to save them from utimate bankruptcy

  4. Send 60000 letters to fifa to check incompetent referees on their books and also specsavers their sponsors and fiba for cheating

  5. Corruption follows Freemasonry everywhere it would seem. At what point will the fans just walk away and say no to throwing away money in a rigged league?

  6. Muir denied Meekings stuck his hand out 3 yards from him in the cup finak against ICT. The guy is a born liar and a cheat.If ever a latent liar and cheat deserved ridicule, it is this dishonest bastard.

  7. Put yer money on Greg Aitken getting `wheeled oot` before the end of 2021 to officiate a Celtic game…..St Mirren/ St Johnstone most likely

  8. It wouldn’t go on in any other country , sectarian hatred Ozzes from the refs , and they don’t hide it , it’s right in front of the cameras….CELTIC do the right thing and call it out …..


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