Kilmarnock and Hamilton were both relegated from the top flight last season. The two clubs have notoriously poor artificial surfaces.

Earlier this summer, the idea was floated by many that the SPFL should now look to eradicate plastic surfaces from our top flight now the voting figures seemingly skew towards real grass.

Livingston are the only club with an artificial surface in the top flight at this moment. To push a bite through you need an 11-1 majority. It would be the right time to make this happen and banish these inadequate surfaces from our game once and for all.

Injuries on them have been prevalent over the years and it has become an equaliser for some of the sides at home.

Simply put, we shouldn’t be showcasing our game on these surfaces. If a fund must be made up to help club’s adhere to using a grass pitch – it must be looked at. We know the club’s who have these surfaces cite the savings involved – if that could be supplemented – then why not finally rid this from Scottish football.


  1. No fund.
    Livingstone won the first Division on grad and then changed to that surface they now have.
    Steve Clarke, when in charge of Kilmarnock, said it would cost them £1M a year to have grass.
    My answer : tough. If you want to run a professional organisation at least have the surface to play the sport on, otherwise you may as well play on red Ash.
    In the 60’s and early 70’s Kilmarnock supposedly had the best playing surface in Scotland. What changed.


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