Celtic were fined £7500 by the SFA on Thursday evening for being found guilty of the following charge:

Where three or more players and/or members of Team Staff from one team are involved in a confrontation with opposing players and/or members of Team Staff of the opposing team during and/or directly after a match.

This pertains to the aftermath of the Glasgow Derby when Andy Halliday (nobody else) took it upon himself to run 35 yards from where he was standing to accost Scott Brown. As a result of Halliday’s actions players ran over in a bid to separate the pair with Brown not raising his hands and Scott Bain protecting his captain from a mouth-foaming moron.

We even saw Wes Foderingham during the heat of the moment pushing Celtic players while the bhoys do not raise their hands and instead choose to laugh at their irate and defeated opponents.

At no point did any Celtic player do anything that should result in a Celtic fine. No Celtic official or player has been suspended as a result so why are Celtic being fined?

This is SFA 101, scared to punish one club without punishing the other. Look through the footage and see what Celtic players could have done differently as they were provoked.

It’s only £7500 but it’s a matter of principle and the club should appeal the decision.


  1. our club should get de marco qc on the case even if it costs 7.5K , no one should tarnish our clubs good name , and while im ranting our board should get a pair and challenge maxwell and the sfa regarding referees & officials selected for our games , well sevco did and that referee is not allowed near ibrokes , i only wish “the bunnet” was here , DD get on the case with LAWELL and let the order know we are not taking it and what happened to the request for details of beaton in december re his allowing more or less to run wild , rant over pissed off, HH

  2. Can’t tar Celtic with that masonic apron. Wtf are the Sfa high. So don’t give the Celtic and their fans this ‘they’re as bad as each other’ Are they also school children at end of term fights in Scotlands football law twisters. Cun7s.


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