CHRIS SUTTON has taken to social media to tell Celtic they must not make the same mistake in the transfer market when they do finally sell Moussa Dembele.

The former Celtic striker is adamant Celtic should be paid top dollar for the striker and that even when Celtic did sell Virgil van Dijk for a club record £12million that was still too cheap a price to deal at considering where the Dutchman is now.

When some people questioned his high-value stance on Dembele the pundit was quick to respond:

“How much is Van Dijk worth now?? Celtic sold him on the cheap… Now he’s the most wanted centre back in the EPL…That’s how.”

Many have speculated that Celtic should ask for £30million for Dembele when club’s come calling. Do you think Celtic should have got more money for van Dijk at the time?


  1. It was clear big Virgil was the real deal and was more than simply a future prospect. Moussa fits the same category. They are worth at least 30 million more after one decent season in England. They may still have to prove themselves at that higher level but with some players, such as those two, it is pretty obvious they have what it takes and more to play at the very top. It is the unproven factor that commands the price yet Moussa has continually performed in the Champions league and has been outstanding for the France u21 team. He definitely is worth at least 30 million to start if we are to read into his performances and proven ability to perform at the highest level.

  2. Accept nothing less than Celtic’s valuation of what Moussa is worth when the time comes and whatever that valuation is. Why should we sell to sub standard English clubs on the cheap?


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