If you know the history, then you will know that Celtic fans go above and beyond when it comes to charity and helping the Celtic Foundation become a major force for good in our community and beyond.

With that in mind, Celtic fan Kevin Miles has written a brand new song for the best fans in the world in the name of charity.

Entitled ‘Celtic, My Heart & My Soul”, Kevin takes you on a journey from Lisbon to the Green Brigade and his own memories of following the hoops. The singer’s passion for the club clearly shines through on the single that has already broken the top 100 in the iTunes charts.

The song is so catchy this write has found himself singing the chorus randomly all weekend having heard it on Friday morning.

Kevin is proud of this song and so he should be but he needs your help driving it up the iTunes charts and making as much money for the Celtic Foundation as possible.

You can purchase the song from any of the links below!





  1. Like you, Kevin’s song has been stuck in my head since it’s release on Fri.
    Almost have it down pat.
    I hope it does well for the Foundation and would love to hear the Paradise rendition!

  2. Without doubt this is the best Celtic song yet. Absolutely brilliant and it makes me burst with pride when I hear it. Ii is nicely focussed on The epic parts of Celtic’s story with the personal aspect of Kevin as a fan. I hope to hear it very soon over the tannoy at Paradise. For example, Tuesday night would be good for a starter. This would get the crowd going and should prove to be a belter of o song sung by a full house. I will be playing it in the car on Tuesday on my way to the game.

    It is so well written and the lyrics are fantastic and not at all cheesy. It has a great catchy tune, with a brilliant chorus and the singer has an exceptionally fine voice with a great edge to it. Well done Kevin. I hope it proves a great success and I purchased it on Sunday from iTunes as soon as I heard it here on this site. I hope as many Celtic fans as possible purchase it, appreciate it and push it to the top of the charts.

    If you read this Kevin, I send you a very big thankyou and I hope that you work on more songs to make an album. You have great talent mate and your work deserves a wide audience. You are a credit to our great club and made my weekend for me.

  3. Couple of typos, sorry! Too excited about the song and forgot to proof read before sending.

    Line 2 should be “It is nicely focussed on the epic ……” and the end of line 5 should be “a belter of a ……”. Folk would know what I meant but I am being a bit pedantic.


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