Celtic currently find themselves 13th in the top 100 average home attendances world wide this season [@FootballReprt]. 

These figures may change over the course of time but reveal once again the huge backing the club receive off the support.

On average, according to the figures Celtic receive 58,745 supporters at home matches which is taken from a sample of games at Celtic Park this season.

The Hoops currently sit above Real Madrid and Benfica amongst others proving that is simply isn’t just about capacity as people still have to turn up for matches.

Celtic’s financial results demonstrate the huge importance of supporters with almost half of the clubs revenue being made up from the matchday income showing that they can never be taken for granted.

With a poor TV deal in place the Scottish champions still find themselves in a relatively strong position which shows how much the current position of the club could be improved with a better negotiated deal that gives clubs even more money.

There has been calls in recent years for the club to look at increasing capacity at Celtic Park but the reality is that the finances are not there at this point in time unless the club looked outwith the money pot at the club.


  1. No point in increasing capacity. When we play likes of Livvy, United especially midweek lucky if theres 30-35000 inside. Clubs should have to list ACTUAL attendances instead of counting STH who can’t be bothered to turn up.
    We have a lot of STH who only turn up for the big games


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