Boss of Carlisle’s Celtic Nation FC, Mick Wadsworth, responds to reports that the team is being bankrolled as a ‘trojan horse’ for Celtic FC to make it into the Premier League.

They currently reside in the 8th tier of the English game .

The team formerly known as Gillford Park Spartans have renamed themselves under the guidance of Glaswegian Frank Lynch who is bank rolling the team.

Lynch is passionate about having a Celtic identity in the English game. He said

“I want to establish a club that has a Celtic identity, hence the name of the team, and I would like to encourage people of Scottish and Irish heritage to come and watch us play.”

They have bought in players to shoot up the leagues as fast as they can but former Gretna and Carlisle Utd Manager,  Mick Wadsworth told the BBC that this team is NOT a ‘Trojan Horse’ for Celtic getting into the English Leagues.

Although the clubs do share some striking similarities.

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Celtic Nation FC Home Jersey


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