There has been an image doing the rounds of a supposed ‘leaked Celtic shirt’ for next season with a classic Footy Headlines watermark over it to legitimise it but there’s just one thing wrong with this.

There is no sign of this shirt ANYWHERE on their website. The design which looks to have been mocked up by a prankster shows a shirt with five stars on it to signify Celtic’s 50th league trophy which is another red flag.

The template used for the shirt is one which is readily available online for any graphic designer to use.

A few sites are reporting it’s from the reliable which are usually bang on the money but in this instance there credibility is being used to try and fool people with a fake watermark.

There will unlikely be a leak until after the season has finished and we can confirm it probably will be green and white hoops but other than that, this appears to be a prank with the stars on the jersey being a wind up.