Celtic were set for a winter camp in the sun for a week in January, even moving their game with Hibernian to ensure they had the time.

Now, with new restrictions coming in from boxing day onwards, the training camp is in doubt. All but essential travel is prohibited which would suggest the bhoys need to stay put.

There’s also a number of countries banning flights from the UK due to the new strain being found in the country.

If that’s the case, Lennoxtown in January will be as good as it gets for the players who are used to a trip to Dubai at that time of the year.

The Dubai training camp is no holiday, it has been treated as a mini pre-season for the past four years and has galvanised the team for the second part of the season. It has acted as a game changer in the past.

The Celtic manager isn’t giving up hope of getting away but he’s unsure if it will be permitted at this point.

“We will have to go with the guidelines and whatever protocols are set in place.” Lennon told CelticTV.

“We don’t know whether we are able to go or not. It’s like everything else during this pandemic and we will just have to take it week by week.

“It’s really disappointing. We felt, or at least we were hoping, in the summer that by this time everything would be back to normal.

“Obviously that’s not the case. If anything it’s getting even more restricted.

“We just have to see where we go from week to week with it.”


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