The Celtic website has crashed this morning after the new Adidas training gear went live.

The website isn’t the most stable of online shops to begin with and adding the new items and people logging on seems to have been enough to cause problems. Many fans trying to get on this morning have been greeted with this image.

We did catch a glimpse of some of the items up before they went offline. The new black presentation jacket is being priced at £65 for adults and £35 for kids. The new black and white training tops are £38 for adults. There was a time when a replica jersey would cost the same.

If you’re a fan of the Adidas stuff, you’re going to have a big hole in your bank account come the end of August, that’s for sure!

The shop was brought in-house a couple of years back, so Celtic themselves will be working on the site problems this morning. I’m told if you persevere, you’ll eventually manage to get what you want.



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