Both Celtic and Rangers have each offered to pay upwards of £1.5 million, spread to lower league clubs in Scottish Football, to allow their Colt sides to join the league system.

As reported by Sun Sport, the clubs who have been looking to do this for several years now have offered clubs from both Leagues 1 and 2 a financial package that could help go a long way in the current climate.

This payment would be spread over the next five years, according to the reports as the two clubs look to find a way to introduce and develop their young players within the SPFL system.

There has been some suggestion of these plans in the past which have been rejected in the past by clubs and supporters of these sides.

However, one thing that could change these calls is the current pandemic and the financial aspect of it. These clubs aren’t playing at the minute and are losing money, so to have this offer could be tempting to owners.

As Celtic fans, I am sure we would like to see the Colt side in the Leagues giving fans more of a chance to see up and coming youngsters at a good level to develop.

But from a point of view of the bothered clubs, you can see why they aren’t a fan. Apart from financially, which is a big factor nowadays, there isn’t much in it for them other than helping develop the talents of the two biggest sides in Scottish Football.

The next few months should be interesting to see if this is finally introduced.


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