NEIL LENNON has hinted Celtic are on collision course with the SFA after it emerged Celtic are likely to play NINE games in December in all competitions.

The more successful you are the more games you will play but Celtic face a rearranged fixture with Hearts as a result of the semi-final tie leaves Celtic playing an abnormal amount of games in the one month.

The way the fixture rescheduling is working – Celtic will take on Hearts on December 18, instead of November. However, The Rangers tie with St Johnstone is likely to take place in January leaving Steven Gerrard’s men with only 8 games to play in December instead of Celtic’s nine.

This has prompted conversations between Neil Lennon and the Celtic heirarchy and there could be cause to move the Hearts game beyond Christmas into January so Celtic aren’t at a disadvantage playing more games that their rivals.

Speaking to Sunsport – Neil Lennon confirmed they would look at the issue as a club before the time comes.

“I’ll need to have a look at the fixture list. I’ve been busy preparing for the games this week.

“l’ll speak to people above me and see what they think.

“It was similar last year in December, and we also had nine games in August.

“It’s a big ask and even if there wasn’t an extra game thrown in, eight games would still be a big ask.

“We will have to use the squad.”

Surely any request for a postponement would be welcomed by the SFA so one club is not benefitting over another.



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