I don’t know if it’s a welcome relief or a worrying sign with the lack of transfer ‘rumours’ surrounding the club over the past 24 hours. Everything seems to have gone quiet, too quiet. If you’re an optimistic Celtic fan, you’re thinking something is bubbling up quietly away from the prying eyes of the media. If you’re a pessimist and I do lean more towards that side of things when it comes to Celtic transfer windows, then you will be ready for a Mulumbu-esk signing on the final day of the window.

Fans thought they were on to something when not one, not two but three signings were made within a week of the window opening. Now, as we stagger towards the end of the window, it’s all a bit unsettling that Celtic have yet to bring in any defensive signings.

Celtic are in genuine need of defenders; a right back to be more specific. The manager knows this, the board knows this but will they be able to bring in the quality the manager is looking for?

It’s all up in the air at this point with Brendan Rodgers adamant he will not stockpile players any more and will only bring in genuine quality. The Irishman told us this last window then proceeded to bring in Mulumbu who is now and has always been surplus to requirements.

Celtic fans have just backed their team by making sure their tie with Valencia was a sell-out, and someone wrote – we’ve supported you, now you back us! As the window draws to a close, we need to see some ambition and assertive scouting to win the day if we go into the second half of the season with no defensive signings it will be seen as another failed window, even with Weah, Bayo and Burke on the books.


  1. Think there is too much expectancy from Celtic support just now as there is only so much can be done in this window and there has been some progress made although the defensive positions do need seen to but over a week to go so lets see what happens

  2. It’s looking like the board and scouts have let us down again didn’t see no point in signing guys for 6 months cos we will be back square one again in summer it’s getting boring noo tae we have needed defenders for an eternity we need to win this treble treble but if we lose league it will be catastrophic


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