Senior ESPN writer Tom Hamilton has claimed Celtic are on the verge of confirming their new manager, Ange Postecoglou but like a few other sources, Tom claims Ange won’t start properly until July.

This is off the back of reports from SkySports News yesterday that Anger’s first interaction with the Celtic team will be at their training camp in Wales ahead of the new season.

I think the anxiety will decrease once Celtic make an announcement on who is coming in and what the set up will look like.

At least then, it will look like from the outside that progress is being made and Ange is doing things behind the scenes to prepare for what’s ahead

Right now, we’re still in limbo, much like we have been since Neil Lennon left his post at the end of February.

The Yokohama Marino’s are on a media blackout blitz and are going about their business as usual.

Ange waving to supporters after the defeat to Honda FC on Wednesday did seem to hold some significance though.


  1. Work will be carried out behind the scenes. Players will be bought and sold and the manager will be part of all proceedings. Good times ahead for Celtic.


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