In what would be a spectacular scenario for football fans up and down the country, Jason Leitch has confirmed IF things go to schedule and social distancing is shelved after August 9, then he would see no reason why stadiums wouldn’t go to full capacity again from August 10.

We have to be cautious here because we know the timetable is ever-changing and we can have set backs along the way. But what we get from this is, there’s going to be full stadiums sooner rather than later – even if it isn’t in early August.

Speaking to RecordSport, Leitch said:

“Yes, they can on August 10th, but we’ve had to learn that new word, that indicative word, so we have given advice that with a fair wind the trajectory we are presently on with vaccinations, remember, we are vaccinating 300,000 people every 10 days so that’s a lot of vaccines and this six weeks buys us quite a lot of vaccine time.

“If people come and that’s the important thing people can do then, yes, we hope August 9th and 10th can happen.”

“On August 9th, the level system disappears, unless, for instance, there were particular hotspots or the country didn’t do what we hope it will do. Maybe vaccinations slow down for some reason.

“It’s a little bit indicative, then on August 9th all physical distancing is removed and the limits on event sizes are removed.”

Celtic fans have been locked out of Celtic Park since March 2020. It has been a long struggle watching the club go through turmoil from the sidelines. No fans in the stadium has impacted on Celtic for sure and getting the Hoops support back in early next season would be a massive shot in the arm for everyone.

Let’s hope things can go to schedule, with the rollout of the vaccine going well, even with the numbers of positive cases increasing – the hospitalisation rate remains low.

Football is an outlet for everyone, in these hard times, getting back into the stadium and cheering on your team will be something to cherish and something we’ve taken for granted for many years.

It will be an emotional day when fans return in large numbers to the ground.


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