WWE Raw emanated from Glasgow last night for the first time in its history. The SSE Hydro was the setting for the wrestling companies flagship show. While many people might not know the Superstars of today and are more familiar with Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin the show is still a global phenomenon.

Wherever the WWE are they will make sure to reference and even put up a live feed from the prominent sports team in the city. So when it was the time of night when the commentators spoke about the prominent sports team in Glasgow – where else were they going to pan to?…

A chorus of boos rang round the arena as the footage played on the big screen, a salty reception from those not of a Celtic persuasion. Would make sense more Sevco fans like Wrestling – predetermined results and dodgy referees aplenty.

WWE has a worldwide fan base who regularly watch RAW and it’s great to see Celtic Park looking so resplendent on the big screen.





  1. You just have to laugh at the huns, Celtic park looking fantastic and getting advertised all around the world and their crumbledome, castlegreyskull, getting left behind in our wake is just a joy to behold. The zombies just can’t handle the fact that death is coming again, maybe this time they will do the right thing, stay dead !!!!!


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